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Medium Sized Companies


We work with medium-sized companies which have diverse and robust needs to protect their intellectual property. For companies which have a sizable business, but do not have an attorney dedicated full time to patent matters, we are able to take on the duties of an in-house patent counsel.

Medium sized companies are able to outsource its in-house patent counsel to our law firm. Our services are not simply to provide patents or legal opinions in a vacuum, but we are able to study a company and provide the business decision makers with counseling that make business sense specifically to that company. We are able to provide such clients with all the benefits of having an in-house counsel, including advising the business decision makers on intellectual property matters, advising on leveraging any existing intellectual property, advising on patenting tactics in view of business goals, procuring patents, providing docketing service, and more. This can be done without the large expenses that hiring and employing an in-house counsel requires, such as salary, recruitment, benefits, relocation, additional overhead costs, etc.

We look forward to speaking with you at your earliest convenience to discuss how we may help your business prosper. Please contact us at +1-856-787-0880 or at info@mlyneklaw.com.