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Large Companies


We serve large companies with in-house counsel with whom we develop an excellent working relationship. Such relationships serve to further the client’s business goals by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of fulfilling the client’s intellectual property needs and to lower the costs of patent work.

We appreciate the kinds of pressures that a typical in-house counsel experiences from business management. The in-house counsel may be asked to improve the quality and value of the patent estate, lower the costs, and improve the turnaround time, all at the same time. We stand ready to serve the in-house counsel by providing better, faster and cheaper solutions to these problems. Legally our client may be the company, but the individuals who we aim to please are the bosses of the in-house counsel. Each of three sides of the project triangle (“good-fast-cheap”) may be addressed by our firm as follows.

Good: The quality of any patent application or any Reply to an Office Action must be excellent, both from business need perspective (assuring that what is covered is commercially valuable), and in quality of prosecution (assuring that is the patent is found enforceable in any litigation). In addition to having long experience in handling patent prosecution at various employers, including an in-house position, at a IP boutique, and at a large general practice firm, we have spent several years performing due diligence and tearing apart patent prosecution histories of others. Further, we also invest large amounts of our non-client time on keeping up with recent legislation and court holdings, presenting seminars, etc.

Fast: Emergencies happen. We understand. Regardless how well one plans, emergencies are the nature of today’s business because of forces over which one has little control. In order to help the in-house counsel with any emergencies, we are able to provide services on 24-hour basis. We work around the client’s schedule. We are simply one phone call away at the in-house counsel’s convenience.

Cheap: The fees for our work are generally lower than the costs of similar service at large general practice law firms or at intellectual property boutiques. This is in part due to our low overhead costs. Additionally, omission of duplicative and unnecessary work may realize additional savings to the client. For most common patent work, a client may chose either a flat rate or an hourly rate.

We look forward to speaking with you at your earliest convenience to discuss how we may help your business prosper. Please contact us at +1-856-787-0880 or at info@mlyneklaw.com.