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Small Companies and Individual Inventors


We work with individual inventors and small businesses. For such clients we have been successful in obtaining cutting-edge U.S. and non-U.S. patents at reasonable costs, and providing strategic consulting that contributes to the bottom line.

For small companies and individual inventors in technologically driven industries, the number one concern repeatedly expressed when it comes to patent protection is its high cost. The costs of obtaining patents, and the costs of enforcing such patents are very high when compared to the size of the business. We sympathize. Unlike most capital investments and operational outlays that companies undertake, unfortunately, there simply are no economies of scale when it comes to procuring or enforcing patent protection. The amount of time and effort to get a patent for a small company is the same as for a large company. There are no corners to cut on the scope or quality of a patent, because clever competitors will design around patents that are too narrow and will ignore patents of questionable quality. Further, patents of limited scope or of questionable quality will not count for much when M&A suitors are looking to acquire an interest in the company. We have several years of experience of working on behalf of large companies performing due diligence on intellectual property estates of small companies, so we understand what potential suitors may be looking for.

To address the concern of high cost, we have developed strategies applicable to small businesses and individual inventors. Firstly, we simply charge a lot less than large general practice law firms or patent boutiques. Second, we offer flat fee pay structure, so that the small business can easily budget for the cost of patent procurement. Thirdly, we work closely with the client to not simply provide a patent, but to analyze the business needs of the client to make sure if a patent is even needed.

Beyond patent procurement, services offered to small businesses and individual inventors include strategic consulting on how to leverage patents to advance the business goals of the clients. Peter’s background is not only in law and science, but also in business: MBA from one of the top business school and in-house experience as a scientist and a patent liaison.

We look forward to speaking with you at your earliest convenience to discuss how we may help your business prosper. Please contact us at +1-856-787-0880 or at info@mlyneklaw.com.