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We help to solve clients’ business problems by providing legal and business advice related to intellectual property. Although not limited in industries that we serve, we specializing in working with clients in the chemical, pharmaceutical, or biotechnology business sectors.

Our services include

• Business Counseling: planning, developing and executing patenting strategy that fits the clients’ business goals.
• Obtaining US patents: drafting and prosecuting patent applications to clients’ inventions.
• Obtaining patents outside of the US: we work through non-US law firms to obtain patents in selected countries.
• Providing Patent Opinions: freedom to operate opinions, patent invalidity opinions, infringement opinions, and due diligence analysis associated with M&A transactions.
• Licensing of intellectual property.
• Protecting business intellectual property by securing patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.

We view issued patents, legal opinions, licenses agreements, and other documents in the realm of intellectual property not simply as enforceable legal documents, or disclosures of scientific prowess, but primarily as business tools necessary to achieve business goals. We work with business owners, managers and leaders to obtain the appropriate level of patent protection.

Patent Procurement

For larger clients, we work with in-house counsels looking for better, faster and cheaper solutions to their patent procurement problems. For medium sized businesses, we provide intellectual property services that resemble in-house counsel work of patent attorneys without incurring the overhead costs. For small business owners and individual inventor, we provide business advice on obtaining and leveraging intellectual property.

Intellectual Property Due Diligence

For clients interested in acquiring new businesses through M&A, or venturing into new technological areas, we provide intellectual property due diligence services. These may include FTO opinions, patent invalidity opinions, infringement opinions, exclusivity opinion, ownership analysis, and like.

We look forward to speaking with you at your earliest convenience to discuss how we may help your business prosper. Please contact us at +1-856-787-0880 or at info@mlyneklaw.com. We are at your disposal around the clock.